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Emma Charlton is a visual artist and Reiki practitioner who lives in London.

Her work explores nature, sound, energy, human emotion, the physical body and fluctuating thoughts functioning on different frequencies.

Her solo shows Fluctuations ( London ) and The Flowerheads (Beirut) have included immersive and visually compelling journeys into nature and mystical lands.

Born 25 May 1985, a self taught artist Emma started painting at 11 years old, but it wasn’t until 2012 when her artistic practices became her sole focus. After 4 months travelling in South America Emma moved to Ibiza and set up her first studio in her room at a farmhouse on the north side of the island. She lived here for 2 years then moved back to London and found herself in Hackney Wick where she has been ever since.

Emma’s works continues to develop into new realms using flow states as a source for painting artworks. Vibrant palettes offer a sense of being ‘inside’ each piece. And Emma’s experiences with giving Reiki, an ancient Japanese healing technique continue to inform her process.